Last Night’s Dream

So, I had an interesting dream last night.  This dream has come to me in many different settings and scenarios.  The dream was set in a literature class and there were about seven other students and a young female teacher.  She was short with black hair, a little pudgy, and creamy white skin.  During each session of class, I didn’t read the material but I knew the answers to the deeper questions of the literary work we were reading.  In my dream, I would hear the topic in the first minute or two and I would instantly know the whole story and deeper meaning.  I became the teacher’s pet for knowing these greater answers, and the other students became jealous.  I felt guilty that I was being a fraud because I wasn’t preparing for class.  Part of my felt a sense of pride because I had a deeper knowledge already; I had some skill set.

As dreams go, time was warped; and, we ended the class and we had a last outing.  We went fishing.  One student caught a fish but the hook was lodged deep in the gills.  I grabbed the fish and started to push the hook forward past the gills.  In real life, this is a skill I had as a child.  I could remove a hook without hurting a fish when I caught it.  I was able to almost intuitively sense the fish’s pain and work the hook around its own sensitivity to prevent its pain.  Another student, who had been jealous of my class discussions, got upset and started yelling at me for trying to push the hook through the gills.  I was still maneuvering the hook as he was yelling at me. In my dream, I knew this student had some trick for removing lodged hooks, but I also knew that I could extract it using my intuitive sense of the fish’s pain, and I knew the student was hoping I would mess up so he could catch me doing something wrong.  I worked the hook out and put the fish in the water.  The fish swam away, unharmed.

The student and I got into a heated argument about the proper way to extract a fish.  I argued that my skill worked that was the best  proof, and the other student said I got lucky and could have hurt the fish.  I can’t remember but we either got in a fist fight or almost did.

After the fishing excursion, the teacher gave us our final exams.  It was going to be an oral exam questioning the various readings.  I was worried because I hadn’t read any of the literature and relied solely on my skill.  I was also worried that the teacher would think I was a fraud.  She gave the class the test and each student passed.  When she gave me the test I essentially failed, yet she helped me along.  She did seem disappointed.

There it is.  I don’t know what to make of this.

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