A few days ago, I noticed that the Daily Camera removed the link to the article at the Chieftain that contained the quote that was falsely attributed to me. Below is how the come up in the search. The first quote about the permit is an actual quote I made. The second quote about the park closure rule is the false quote.

Why would they completely contradict an actual quote I made? Moving the quote from the Chieftain to the Daily Camera bothers me. I am for respecting Boulder and its laws.

Earl McGowen, of Boulder, said that even if the rule goes into effect, the Occupy movement will continue.

False quote: “When people start creating rules to stop you

“Those tents are symbolic, and it’s symbolic to sleep in that tent,” he said. “When people start creating rules to stop you, that’s how you know you’re hitting a nerve, that your message is profound. People on that side of the message have been on the right side throughout history.”

True quote: “We need to respect the laws and respect the people of Boulder”

Like other angry protesters, Boulder resident Earl McGowen berated the “broken economic system” but acknowledged the need for smart decision-making. He said obtaining a permit is one way to keep the movement alive.

“We need to respect the laws and respect the people of Boulder, and we need to choose our battles,” McGowen said.

Below is the link that was removed.

I believe that this journalist and the Daily Camera wanted to stoke the flames. He went there wanting to find the most salacious quote. He was probably pushed in that direction by the Camera. When he didn’t get his divisive quote, he twisted my words from a different forum to get it.

Note on Daily Camera Article

This is about a quote in an article that was falsely attributed to me.

If you have come here, I want to thank you for taking the time to read my side of the story. In this day and age, people on the internet quickly stop at the most salacious thing.

In 2012, I had a friend that was making a tape for City Council. She asked if I would come over in case she needed some help. My wife and I stopped by, and I wanted to voice some things that had been on my mind for a tape that I thought was for City Council. The taping was after the meeting the article was about. but I NEVER attended that meeting.

My wife can verify that I never attended the meeting and the rest of these facts.

The article says and makes it appear that I am talking about the ban or rule. On the tape to City Council, I NEVER mention the “rule” or the ban! EVER!

Here, I am clearly talking about violence against peaceful protestors. “pepper spray” not any RULE! I was trying to make a broader point about free speech.

I admit I did protest with Occupy Boulder because of my long frustration with military occupations, nation building, and their costs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since 2002, I had respectfully been speaking, writing, or protesting these wars. But, I did never and would never disrespect anyone as this article implies.

I am posting this for my own mental health. The quote in the article completely misrepresents who I am. This has had such a negative affect on my career and life.

Video to Boulder City Council that was incorrectly quoted and attributed to wrong meeting.

Earl McGowen

Dealing with tragedy

Her strength is very inspiring.  Lizzie Velasquez was made fun of on an internet video was shared by millions.  She was 17.

We can have hard times.  We can be attacked by bullies, even internet bullies.   It is not what defines us.  It will not define me!


My Life As A Museum


So, it is a little weird to have your past life turned into a museum.  This is a picture of me in 1991 proudly serving my country.  I am standing in the door of VAQ 136’s AT (Avionics Tech) shop on-board the USS Midway.  The Midway has now turned into a museum and is based in San Diego.  I have yet to visit.

Life can move very fast, and if you don’t take the time you will miss.  Looking at these two photos makes me think of everything that has happened over my life.  It also makes me think of the “what ifs”.



It has been little less than a year since I posted my last blog. So, I should give a quick personal update. I have been doing professional ghost blogging for lawyers and law firms. Doing independent blogs has been good for my writing and blogging since I had to write on limited topics for other parties. It stretched my abilities. It has been a tough year, which has prevented me from posting to this blog. But, as they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Interesting Sentence

Recently, on a Facebook post I saw the following graphic:

The confusing sentence, “All the faith he had had had had no effect on the outcome of his life,” is actually a grammatically correct sentence. There are two instances of “had had” both in the past perfect form. The first instance act as a modifier in the subject of the sentence, and the second instance is the main verb of the sentence.

The past perfect is a past action that happens before a second action. For example, think of the sentence, “When Bob asked me out to dinner, Jeff had asked me to the movies.” The past perfect “had asked” signals that this happened before past verb “asked.”



I’m Back!!!

Another quick update!


OK, I haven’t posted for several weeks. I have been very busy, which is a good thing. I am posting a quick update to keep a log and prevent any gaps in my postings. I will not be excluding any social media, and this will automatically post to all my social media outlets.

My Roof

I have been very busy dealing with roof issues. A severe storm pounded Boulder causing a 500 year flood. During the storm, it rained more than 18 inches in less than 24 hours. My roof had trouble holding up in the storm. I had a leak show up in my kitchen ceiling. Within hours, the leak had grown to a continual stream. My roof was sagging due to the amount of rain collecting on it, which create two inch deep puddles on my roof. I ran to Home Depot several times to get supplies for my roof. I eventually wrapped my house in large plastic sheets held together by “extreme weather” duct tape. The water was still finding a way into my kitchen. The insulation became soaked and heavey. Once the water weakened the gypsum in the ceiling tiles, a large chunk of my kitchen ceiling came down. Right now is really a bad time for home repairs. I am barely scrapping by financially. My insurance doesn’t cover the damage. Obama has set aside FEMA funds for the storm. I applied for FEMA funds, I hope I can get some help for the storm damage.

On a funny note, when Lisa came back from Japan, she started using my room to study. We decided three weeks ago to switch rooms; however, most of our stuff is still in the old rooms. When the FEMA inspector came to my house, I was showing him the damage and the house. I went to my old room and told him it was my daughter’s room. Then I showed him my new room. Now, I wasn’t thinking and it still had all of Lisa’s girly photos and posters, and the glitter letters on the door still spell, “LISA.” I said, “this is my room.” He turned to me and said, “You aren’t LISA.” From there it was me just trying to explain…”we just decided to change rooms, and [dig hole, dig hole].

Independent Consulting

I have my first *paid* independent consulting gig. I just turned in my first assignment this morning. It is a permanent contract with my first client assigment lasting 25 weeks. It isn’t much money, but will help, and, more importantly, I am able to build a good portfolio.

SQRL Browser

I have been so busy that I haven’t been able to work on SQRL Browser. I do think I have found the perfect cloud based data host. It is called Digital Ocean. It doesn’t have much memory but it fits all my other needs. I can SSH into the Unix server through windows. I only have one computer right now and I don’t want to partition it. It has several database formats including JSON and MySql. Once things calm down I will look into the Digital Ocean and point SQRL Browser to it. Hopefully, my beta testers and investors will stick around.

One thing nice about the Boulder Flood is that I have found lots of opportunities to help other people. I helped my church steam vac their carpets and then remove them. I also helped clean a basement of a stranger. It felt good to help someone else out and not think about my messed up life.

Anyways, I think that is everything for now. Hopefully, I will soon get back to my normal posts and normal life.

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An Update and Post by Email Test!

Image of Fall Tree

I have been very busy lately and have been neglecting my blogging duties. I want to keep up with my blogging so I am going to write a quick personal update post. Nothing fun or interesting here. This blog post is an experiment with a new publishing technique that I am going to try. I will be posting it through email, so I apologize ahead of time for any glitches that may occur. I have been experimenting with posting to social media sites so this might go to places like Facebook and Twitter; hope I don’t bug my friends.  I have several projects that I have been working on.

As I stated, I will be sending this file through email. Normally, I write my posts in Notepad++ or Kompozer. I then copy and paste the code to this blog through the web form. This time I am going to email the code. should pick it up and post it. This will allow me to have a quick turn around when I am posting.

I am working on another video at my youtube channel. I am doing an English lesson with cartoon characters. It may take some time because I am creating one chapter at a time. I have two chapters already created. As time is limited, it might take awhile, but I want to create a full cartoon instruction video.

Also, I am still working on the SQRL Browser. This is a program that I have mentioned before. It is an idea that I had where individuals searching the internet can create minute tasks for others. It is an internet work collaboration tool that uses data and machine learning. I have the protocol built and a video showing the protocol, but haven’t released it for public consumption, yet. If you want to see the video email me with your email address at I will give you access to the video.

I really want to do another statistical analysis blog or database concept blog. Hopefully, I will find the time soon. I haven’t done either for some time.

Well, I hope you enjoy this post even though there isn’t much substance.

Addendum: the email post didn’t work as expected.

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