Note on Daily Camera Article

This is about a quote in an article that was falsely attributed to me.

If you have come here, I want to thank you for taking the time to read my side of the story. In this day and age, people on the internet quickly stop at the most salacious thing.

In 2012, I had a friend that was making a tape for City Council. She asked if I would come over in case she needed some help. My wife and I stopped by, and I wanted to voice some things that had been on my mind for a tape that I thought was for City Council. The taping was after the meeting the article was about. but I NEVER attended that meeting.

My wife can verify that I never attended the meeting and the rest of these facts.

The article says and makes it appear that I am talking about the ban or rule. On the tape to City Council, I NEVER mention the “rule” or the ban! EVER!

Here, I am clearly talking about violence against peaceful protestors. “pepper spray” not any RULE! I was trying to make a broader point about free speech.

I admit I did protest with Occupy Boulder because of my long frustration with military occupations, nation building, and their costs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since 2002, I had respectfully been speaking, writing, or protesting these wars. But, I did never and would never disrespect anyone as this article implies.

I am posting this for my own mental health. The quote in the article completely misrepresents who I am. This has had such a negative affect on my career and life.

Video to Boulder City Council that was incorrectly quoted and attributed to wrong meeting.

Earl McGowen

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