Another quick update!


OK, I haven’t posted for several weeks. I have been very busy, which is a good thing. I am posting a quick update to keep a log and prevent any gaps in my postings. I will not be excluding any social media, and this will automatically post to all my social media outlets.

My Roof

I have been very busy dealing with roof issues. A severe storm pounded Boulder causing a 500 year flood. During the storm, it rained more than 18 inches in less than 24 hours. My roof had trouble holding up in the storm. I had a leak show up in my kitchen ceiling. Within hours, the leak had grown to a continual stream. My roof was sagging due to the amount of rain collecting on it, which create two inch deep puddles on my roof. I ran to Home Depot several times to get supplies for my roof. I eventually wrapped my house in large plastic sheets held together by “extreme weather” duct tape. The water was still finding a way into my kitchen. The insulation became soaked and heavey. Once the water weakened the gypsum in the ceiling tiles, a large chunk of my kitchen ceiling came down. Right now is really a bad time for home repairs. I am barely scrapping by financially. My insurance doesn’t cover the damage. Obama has set aside FEMA funds for the storm. I applied for FEMA funds, I hope I can get some help for the storm damage.

On a funny note, when Lisa came back from Japan, she started using my room to study. We decided three weeks ago to switch rooms; however, most of our stuff is still in the old rooms. When the FEMA inspector came to my house, I was showing him the damage and the house. I went to my old room and told him it was my daughter’s room. Then I showed him my new room. Now, I wasn’t thinking and it still had all of Lisa’s girly photos and posters, and the glitter letters on the door still spell, “LISA.” I said, “this is my room.” He turned to me and said, “You aren’t LISA.” From there it was me just trying to explain…”we just decided to change rooms, and [dig hole, dig hole].

Independent Consulting

I have my first *paid* independent consulting gig. I just turned in my first assignment this morning. It is a permanent contract with my first client assigment lasting 25 weeks. It isn’t much money, but will help, and, more importantly, I am able to build a good portfolio.

SQRL Browser

I have been so busy that I haven’t been able to work on SQRL Browser. I do think I have found the perfect cloud based data host. It is called Digital Ocean. It doesn’t have much memory but it fits all my other needs. I can SSH into the Unix server through windows. I only have one computer right now and I don’t want to partition it. It has several database formats including JSON and MySql. Once things calm down I will look into the Digital Ocean and point SQRL Browser to it. Hopefully, my beta testers and investors will stick around.

One thing nice about the Boulder Flood is that I have found lots of opportunities to help other people. I helped my church steam vac their carpets and then remove them. I also helped clean a basement of a stranger. It felt good to help someone else out and not think about my messed up life.

Anyways, I think that is everything for now. Hopefully, I will soon get back to my normal posts and normal life.

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