An Update and Post by Email Test!

Image of Fall Tree

I have been very busy lately and have been neglecting my blogging duties. I want to keep up with my blogging so I am going to write a quick personal update post. Nothing fun or interesting here. This blog post is an experiment with a new publishing technique that I am going to try. I will be posting it through email, so I apologize ahead of time for any glitches that may occur. I have been experimenting with posting to social media sites so this might go to places like Facebook and Twitter; hope I don’t bug my friends.  I have several projects that I have been working on.

As I stated, I will be sending this file through email. Normally, I write my posts in Notepad++ or Kompozer. I then copy and paste the code to this blog through the web form. This time I am going to email the code. should pick it up and post it. This will allow me to have a quick turn around when I am posting.

I am working on another video at my youtube channel. I am doing an English lesson with cartoon characters. It may take some time because I am creating one chapter at a time. I have two chapters already created. As time is limited, it might take awhile, but I want to create a full cartoon instruction video.

Also, I am still working on the SQRL Browser. This is a program that I have mentioned before. It is an idea that I had where individuals searching the internet can create minute tasks for others. It is an internet work collaboration tool that uses data and machine learning. I have the protocol built and a video showing the protocol, but haven’t released it for public consumption, yet. If you want to see the video email me with your email address at I will give you access to the video.

I really want to do another statistical analysis blog or database concept blog. Hopefully, I will find the time soon. I haven’t done either for some time.

Well, I hope you enjoy this post even though there isn’t much substance.

Addendum: the email post didn’t work as expected.

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