Sentence Diagram


It has been several weeks since I have done a sentence diagram. I have been very busy and a lot of good things have been happening. I felt it was time for another sentence diagram. After looking up important events on this day in history, I found that today was Alfred Hitchcock’s birthday.

Alfred Hitchcock was born on this date in 1899. He entered the world in Essex, England. Hitchcock was best known for bringing psychological thrillers to the movie screen, including Psycho in 1960. My favorite Hitchcock movie is Vertigo. I have a fear of heights.

Psycho is best known for the famous shower scene. There is no CGI and the knife stabbing the character in the shower is never shown piercing the body. Despite that, many viewers recalled seeing red blood swirl down the shower drain. It was in fact chocolate syrup, and the whole movie was filmed in black and white. With out modern special effects the directors had to rely on the imagination of the crowds.

In 1899, the year of Hitchcock’s birth, Cuba was liberated from Spain; the first Sherlock Holmes story was published; the first known use of the word automobile was seen in the New York Times; and the Boers declared
war on England.

I hope you enjoy the sentence diagram.


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