The introduction of the SQRL Browser


This weekend, I was playing around with Visual Basic express, and I created a new web browser. Several year ago, I had this idea to create a web browser that allows people to collaborate on micro internet tasks. This is the beginning of what I had envisioned.

There is a login page, a web browser page, and a dialog to update the database. The data is hosted to an external cloud. It is a fairly simple browser, and it is currently in rudimentary form. Currently, a user can record there actions on Google and an external comment site. Most search engines have an algorithm that ranks a site. The algorithm excludes or lowers the number of hits from the same computer and IP address. This allows many people to trade clicks to increase their optimization. If multiple users want to increase their search results or the number of likes they get on a site, they can trade that internet clicks with other users.

You can download the browser from the link below. Once you open the browser, a login page will appear. At this level, there is no worry about security…yet, so I’ve allowed for the quick creation of an account. Once a user logs in the can set the Google search they want other to click. This is the clickee mode and there are two modes. Then the user can go to the clicker mode. I haven’t built in a tracking of clicks, but the goal is to give the user the ability to build up clicks for others to hit their link. Give it a try!!

Download SQRL Browser from here!

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